my story

Parents, I've been where you are.  Trust me.  Seven years ago my daughter was born, and I felt fully prepared after reading every single baby book I could get my hands on.  Kaydyn was born and slept around the clock.  "This is easy!" I thought.  I was a bit concerned when none of the books I had read mentioned much about how a baby should sleep, but I figured that this is because babies just slept whenever they wanted to sleep—boy was I wrong.  We developed a nursing-to-sleep association with a baby that couldn't sleep anywhere but on me—I'm talking nap time and nighttime.  The bonding? Amazing.  The flexibility? Not so much.  In addition to our sleep crutches, I had no idea how often a baby needed to sleep.  Kaydyn developed what we thought was colic; bouts of severe crying in the evenings.  She almost looked to be in pain.  Some days she wouldn't nap all day, and my nights would be spent pushing her outside in the stroller in the middle of the winter, up and down the driveway, and then ever-so-carefully trying to creep the car seat back into the house without waking her.  This was not how I pictured everything; I was stressed, unhappy, and tired, and so was she.  Finally, when Kaydyn turned six months old I discovered my first baby sleep book, and I was hooked.  After teaching her how to fall asleep independently in her crib and putting her down for naps within her sleep window, Kaydyn became an amazing sleeper, and she still is eight years later.

Fast forward to five years ago, and the birth of my son.  Armed with all the tools needed to help shape Arlo's sleep, we were amazed at how differently our experiences with our two children were.  Of course we still had sleepless nights, and of course we were tired—babies are exhausting!  But Arlo didn't cry all day and night, we respected his need to sleep, and he is a happy, content baby (and we are a well-rested family).

And here we go again! Our daughter Willa was born in the spring of 2018 and our family is complete :)

Healthy sleep is addicting.  Once I gained all of the knowledge from helping my two children sleep, I began to help others: friends, family, co-workers.  Hearing their success stories was so rewarding, I decided to make a career out of this!  That is when I turned to the Family Sleep Institute to become a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant.  I feel so blessed to be able to love my job, and to help so many others on their journeys to becoming a well-rested family.